A Woman Pleads for Help from a Judge and Is Ignored #ThisIsBullsh*t

This story is beyond awful.

A Nevada woman was arrested for claiming a court officer sexually assaulted her:

Monica Contreras went to family court with her 2-year-old daughter in August 2011. She was in the courtroom only a few minutes on a routine divorce case. Her husband filed for a Temporary Restraining Order against her during their divorce. He never showed up in court so the order was denied.

According to internal court documents, as Contreras was leaving, family court marshal Ron Fox ordered her into a waiting room for an unexplained drug search.

Contreras said Fox touched her buttocks, breast, and ordered her to lift up her shirt. A later internal investigation by Clark County courts validated her claims. Contreras went back into the same courtroom and told hearing master Patricia Donninger that her requests to have a female marshal handle the search were ignored. (DailyKos)

My heart hurt watching this video, listening to the pleas of a mother and her child being thoroughly ignored by the one person who was in place to take control of the situation. A damn judge allowed herself to be bested in basic humanity by a 2-year-old! F*cking terrible.

Why was she ignored? Because she’s poor? Because she has an accent? Because she’s attractive and was asking for it??? OUT. OF. F*CKING. CONTROL!

It’s not just the specific details that I find utterly abhorrent but the fact that poor people and minorities (often one and the same) are routinely demeaned, degraded, physically assaulted and overtly denied one of America’s most basic rights – due process of the law. Even the most hated criminals – almost arguably deserving of harsher measures – are granted these rights and it is the duty, specifically, of law enforcement to always maintain the balance of serving and protecting without descending to the level of the most debased criminal among us.

On one end we have a judge who can’t be bothered to take control of her courtroom and at a minimum at least investigate the disorder erupting in front her and in the complete opposite direction, re the matter of Chad Johnson, we have a judge who went far beyond the pale to prove a point. Somewhere in the middle lies common sense, decency, fairness, basic compassion and a clear understanding of one’s authority combined with a proper application of the law.

People really really REALLY need to get their shit together.

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