“Love & Hip Hop ATL” Reunion PART 1 (Sigh) #RatchetTVRecap

(1) Did they say THREE episodes???? #PassMeTheHookah

(2) OMG these previews…. W.T.F??

(3) Stefan Springman, Mona’s pimping partner #DirtyDuo

(4) “Stevie ain’t loyal” In case it’s not clear Steebie, Benzina just called you a b*tch.

(5) Hey everybody, Joseline is wearing Versace shoes #Smdh

(6) Rasheeda lost some of that baby weight but I think it found its way to her hair #WhySoBigMa??

(7) Hair and Makeup for Erybody #HARSH!

(8) But seriously Rasheeda, the 60s called and they want their hairstyle back #BouffantBeGone!

(9) Sommore sounded like Momma Dee on more than one occasion. Y’all peeped that right? #NailsOnMyBrainCells

(10) The “clock” heard ’round the world #BambiLetLooseWitDemPaws

(11) Dear God WHY am I questioning whether or not English is a second language for some of these cats??? #MyEars!

(12) That heffa in the audience w/ the shock blonde #No

(13) Scrappy: “Drunk Shenanigans” #GladHeSaidIt (And I understood it)

(14) Also Scrappy, LOSE WEIGHT ALREADY DAYUM! Looking like Busta Rhymes’ Mini Me #CallJennyCraigToday!

NOTE: I give credit where credit is due and “The Bambi” had some KEY one liners

(15) Re Erica P: “Aspiring sidechick” #LMAO!

(16) It just occurred to me that Bambi is actually pretty #StillGhettoAsHellTho

(17) Re Scrappy: “I think he’s tri-polar” #MoreLols

(18) “We just got a ratchet situation” #TheMostTruthEverSaid!

(19) “How many b*tches you got to sock in the face to show you ain’t timid” #IMean…

(20) Momma Dee: “I feel like Scarlett” #Whaaaaaa???

(21) This is only the first commercial break and I am already done! #GotAFork?

(22) Bambi: “I don’t want to hello you” #Hahahahahaha!

(23) I see Joseline is back to looking less like a woman again #Hmmm

(24) When contouring goes too far #LHHATLReunion

(25) Once again the Bams w/ the killer one liner: “I ain’t trying to marry this n*gga” #SoRatchetButSoFunny

(26) “Where we was?” #DONE!

Sidebar: I kinda want to hear the unbleeped version but then I would need to wash my brain out w/castor oil and bleach.

(27) Sommore: “We ain’t gon’ bring the baby and God in this” #ThankYou!

(28) I need a an entire separate list for the audience. I ain’t EVEN got enough time or room #Whew!

(29) WOOOOOW!! Y’all saw how Mona just PIMPED THE ISH OUTTA SCRAPPY RIGHT??? The one true Pimpstress said “GET DRESSED!” Translation: “Stop acting like a b*tch before I smack you on camera” #SheScary

(30) Speaking of b*tches #Kirk

(31) You know how you know this is REALLY fake b/c that scene where Rasheeda walks in and there is a random woman holding her child would have NEVAH gon’ down in real life. NOT NEVAH EVAH NEVAH! #Fake #Fake #Fake!

(32) Y’all remember that “Friends” episode when Monica is in Barbados and her hair is HUGE? #Rasheeda (Her shoes are cute tho)

(33) What on earth is Benzina wearing? Looking like an extra from Austin Powers #NahBaby

(34) All this white on white is a bad look for tv. So are wardrobe and set design feuding with each other? Hello production??? AND Sommore w/ the black on black! PRODUCTION!! Oh wait, I forgot this is a Mona Scott situation, wardrobe – Ha!

(35) Btw, I HATE when people (men in particular) wear sunglasses on while indoors ESPECIALLY on camera. Fall back on the greenery for an hour or several.

(36) Karlie Redd #CrayCray

(37) “Karlie became physically abusive to me” #HardSideEye

(38) Yung Joc acting out that whole scene #DoingTheMost. Is he trying for a real acting gig also?

(39) so there was supposed to be a lie detector test backstage BUT HE HAS ON A DIFFERENT OUTFIT? So now “I’M” stupid???

(40) Benzina’s comment about how Joseline & Stevie J “do sex” (I originally wrote it out word for word but umm no) #Speechless


(42) Is Benzino really talking about coke on camera?? #Dayum!

(43) Benzino: “Don’t do that with all these securities” #ESL

(44) This negro is SHIRTLESS! #SteebieJ

(45) One down, two more to go…. #MoreTequilaPlease!


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2014 Emmys #KindaSortaRecap

(1) Last time the Emmys were held on a Monday was in 1976 #BlameTheVMAs, no really BLAME THE VMAs!

(2) HBO had 99 nominations

(3) Netflix had 31 nominations

(4) Seth’s joke re people VCR taping Duck Dynasty #Funny

(5) Agent to Actor: “I think you better sit down, your character just got invited to a wedding” #AlsoFunny

(6) Amy Poehler made Seth introduce her as Beyonce. I would have done the same thing. (Images courtesy of Buzzfeed)

(7) Modern Family’s Ty Burrell (whom I love) is wearing granny glasses #IDoNotUnderstand

(8) “Conch shell full of weed” #Giggles

(9) Hayden Panettiere’s dress… I’m not exactly feeling this style, really for anyone, her pregnancy has nothing to do with it, promise.

(10) That bit w/ Billy Eichner & Seth yelling at strangers on the sidewalk was hiiiiiiiiiilarious!

(11) Huge fan of The Big Bang Theory #ThatIsAll

(12) #Underwarness Soooo that Sheryl Underwood commercial was real? We (Angela, Shannon and myself) couldn’t figure out if it was supposed to be a spoof: (a) It was crazy (b) We thought it was “Depends” not “Depend” and (c) that final shot in the diaper tho??? #Confusion

(13) That Bryan Cranston/Julia Louis-Dreyfus kiss #Outstanding!!!

Bryan Cranston Kiss
(Getty Images)

(14) Where is the Emmy nom for LHHATL?? RHOA????? #JOKES!!! ;-)

(15) Fred Armisen is also wearing granny glasses. Seriously is this a new thing to do? #Fashion

(16) You should watch American Horror Story Coven (Season 3). No really you should watch this show. AWE-SOME! Fyi – you do NOT need to watch Seasons 1 and 2. Each season stands alone which is part of its AWE-SOMENESS!

(17) I like Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice). I did not like Kate’s yellow submarine dress.

(18) “Muhammad Ali’s Last Fight”?? Did this get ANY marketing???

(19) Why does Woody Harrelson look like a dirty old man? #BecauseHeIs


(21) But seriously though, watch American Horror Story Coven – WATCH. IT!

(22) Re Weird Al – I don’t understand what’s happening. Shannon: “I’m seriously disturbed right now. I want to jump out of my skin.” #EpicFail

(23) Why y’all keep sweating George RR Martin? I know he LOOKS super old but 65 is no longer as old as it used to be. Is he in poor health? Y’all do know MANY people live to be 100 quite often nowadays right? Like almost too many…

(24) (a) “Cersei” (Lena Headey) looked GORG!!! And (b), Andy Samberg as Joffrey almost made me choke! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! “Why don’t you love me like Uncle Jamie?” #OnTheFloor! (Buzzfeed)

(25) Ricky Gervais said “Bullocks” and I smiled :-)

(26) Sarah Silverman: “Thank you to my Jews at CAA” #FUNNY

(27) Sooo Gwen Stefani totally sounded like a normal person at the Emmys so I have no idea WHAT was going on with her at the VMAs. Well she did present with Snoop so #ContactHigh? BUT THEN she thoroughly destroyed Stephen Colbert’s name soooo never mind. At least she looked good #ThatsSomethingRight? #Colbort (Buzzfeed)

The Only 18 Moments From The Emmys That You Need To See

(28) Jimmy Fallon accepting Colbert’s reward b/c Gwen S jacked up his name was great BUT Colbert whispering his speech in Jimmy’s ear and Jimmy delivering it was PRICELESS!!


(30) I mean I’m not mad at Aaron Paul but Peter…

(31) Byran C really does look like a swashbuckling dastardly dude w/ that hair and mustache action on going on.

In general, Bryan Cranston's mustache.

(32) Billy Crystal’s Robin Williams tribute :(

(33) Cary Joji Fukunaga (Director, True Detective) had cornrows.

(34) I used to like Katherine Heigl, now…

(35) “Sneaky Pete” a.k.a. Bryan Cranston for the WIN!!

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