Some woman said she was moving out of “Shondaland” because of stuff and a bunch of y’all wanted to know what I thought. Well…

Here’s a link to the initial article: “Why I’m Moving Out of Shondaland

Here’s me rearranging furniture in the bigger room that has been recently vacated:

I had a few choice “initial” responses to this but they were rude and I’m kinda sorta trying to do better. I’m only responding to this because more than a few of y’all asked me about it yesterday. One of my less rude brief initial responses was “chile please” but I have a few more points to address this morning so here we go:

(1)  I don’t care if this woman moves out of Shondaland, more room for me and my sisters, my only partial concern is the reasons she cites.

(2) The alleged 500k payment to Darren Wilson from ABC News. This is false. I spent maybe 8 minutes searching the initial claim – and then which come now, THESE sites seem reliable??? The GotNews four sentence article doesn’t even reference a creditable source or link to anything. posted a series of tweets from CNN’s Brian Stelter who communicated directly w/ ABC News who unequivocally stated Darren Wilson was not paid for his interview. The Root ALSO published a quote from Julie Townsend, a spokeswoman for ABC News, saying the same damn thing. Now does that mean I wanted to see Darren Wilson on ABC? No. But I also did not want to see him ANYWHERE so what I did was NOT watch his interview. Easy solution if you ask me.


(3) The parent company to ABC is Disney. Disney/ABC have a 50% stake in A&E and 80% control of ESPN. Specifically re ABC TV, it has 89 regular weekly hours of network programming (Daytime, Entertainment & News). George Stephanopoulos does news, Shonda Rhimes does entertainment. Perhaps it would be better to boycott all TV ’cause I’m not sure how one escapes seeing people on TV they don’t like even if you’re only watching youtube.

(4) Entertainment – that is what ALL of her shows are. Period. If you do not like her brand of entertainment that is fine you are not obligated to watch it. If you think it’s campy, if you think it lags, whatever your “critical” reasons are fine, don’t watch it. Please note Liv & Fitz DID specifically discuss their interracial couplings in a previous season however they did not DWELL on it and that’s key about this show in particular – we are not constantly dwelling on race here. (And yet, if you are paying attention, Papa Pope is ROUTINELY referencing race when he gets his speech-making on.) In any event in Shondaland we see strong, beautiful, flawed, layered women. They are not one simple stereotype and that IS progress.

(5) But let’s discuss race for one second. Yes Liv & Annalise are with, have been with, may continue to be with white men. Your point? In the real world, Black women do date outside the race although my impression is that it’s not quite as much as black men. Why do we have to be shamed and dissected for it and black men just get a shrug? Miss me w/ that hypocrisy. Trust that dating outside the race does not equate to abandoning the race. Many of us are able to multi-task a bit better than that.

(6) Moving to skin color & hair – early in the piece this line was written “Of course, she didn’t look like us, with her airbrushed skin and bone-straight perm.” Excuse me? You mean she doesn’t look like you? Then again most of us don’t look like people who are paid to look beautiful for a living. That’s called money not self-hatred. Also is there a problem w/ rocking a “bone-straight perm”? I and every woman with any sense should wear her hair EXACTLY as she sees fit and damn what anyone else thinks about it.

(7) I don’t internalize the situations I see play out on TV because IT’S TV! I laugh, I gasp, I may tear up, I covet clothing and then I move on. Shonda’s characters don’t make me feel bad about myself, quite the contrary. They amuse me or annoy me or aggravate me but again that’s because they are multi-dimensional “characters”.

Pause – I can’t front the fact that I have even given this much energy to this is aggravating me so I’m wrapping this up.

(8) I cannot co-sign this “either”/”or” diatribe. I can march in the street and later take a few hours out of my probably incredibly stressful day to watch some very interesting black women on primetime tv. They are not whores, they are not on drugs, they are not on welfare, nor are they untouchable queens placed on a pedestal. They have powerful positions, wear fly a*s clothes and are usually the smartest people in the room – except when it comes to relationships and that is probably the realest ish about all of her shows.

(9) Shonda has an eight figure deal. She good.

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RHOA: “Make-Ups and Breakdowns” #RecapList

(1) Oh Nene you are always so d*mn aggressive. “I loved you like a fcking sister”. Yeah that’s the way to open the door for conciliation #Not

(2) Kandi: “That didn’t go well” #Duh

(3) Cynthia really is striking #AndILoveIt!

(4) I’m going to address this again, Nene correct me if I’m wrong but you don’t come across as someone easy to come and “talk” to about certain issues especially when you may have to admit some culpability. #Seriously

(5) Phaedra I think we’ve moved past Jesus fixing anything on this show. Buddha Bless It? Hova Handle It? Santa Sleigh It??

(6) Re Nene & Cynthia’s “truce” – Maaaaaaaaybe I saw some “warmth” there, maaaybeee. Look I know that was supposed to be “a real moment” and all but this show, these ladies and this beef… #OverIt

(7) Not gonna front, I never get tired of seeing Kandi’s boss life #ShePaidYall

(8) Ooooo this is uncomfortable to watch given that Todd’s mom has passed away. Wonder how Mama Joyce feeling about all her fcked up commentary now? Still cool w/ yo lines lady? Reality tv BS or not you NEVAH know what is going to happen to someone.

(9) #SorryNotSorry I still just can’t with Derek J and his heels, not because I don’t think he should be wearing them but because his feet look so damn fat in them. Can you get some custom joints please?? #ForRealTho

(10) “Hair Burglar” #No

(11) Derek J in a g-string and a bra? #NoMaam

(12) I still don’t like Peter but I do know when you watch a loved one get mistreated it is difficult to get on the “let’s mend the fences bandwagon” #ArmsFolded #FullSideEye

(13) See Nene that’s your problem, learn how to forgive and move forward heffa – damn. grow up. Also #YesTherapy

(14) Yeah Peter, you tweeting stuff wasn’t a great look playa #SideEyeToYouTooSir

(15) And yet Nene, weren’t u social media-ing it all across the land as well?? #TapsFoot #UnHuh

(16) Okay Peter now I’m back to being off you again. I get that YOU personally may want to fck with Nene any more (ever again) but you sitting over here talking about “not trying to hear Nene’s name up in my house” ummm negro who pays for that house??? #JustSaying #ChilePlease

(17) Btw, I am super cool re NYC subways, like if I NEVAH get on another one again I will be ALL GOOD #YepBougie

(18) Todd I don’t want to know about you losing your virginity #IJustDont

(19) So Kandi and Todd wear the same size in timbs? Y’all know y’all was thinking it too #TinyFeetTeam

(20) Kithe (Kite), you’ve had some extra E’RYTHANG put on big boy while you over there talkin’ bout Cynthia’s beautiful assets. Might want to put “juicing” on your 2015 goal list. #HeStartedIt

(21) Also I do not like the extended dog chain you are rocking, historically I just can’t fck with it. Again, #He #Started #It

(22) Well I wouldn’t call you “skinny” Cynthia but you are healthy, beautiful and fly as hell Ma. You look good to me and I ain’t NEVAH mad atcha. If anything maybe a little jealous of all that backside. #AuNaturale!

(23) And this is the very reason the fashion industry puts my teeth on edge. I love the styles but the insane pressure for skinny – miss me with that BS #Ugh

(24) Derek J’s blue heels are better, it’s those pumps that made me wince #Yikes!

(25) Once again I’m doing a lot of eye rolling re this crew’s antics. Especially with this damn “lawsuit” #Sigh

(26) So yeah where IS Todd’s ring? Did he pawn it to Tiny Tim? #YepJokes

(27) Can’t lie Kenya is KILLIN’ ‘EM in that red!! #WerkItGirl!

(28) I see u Leon #DavidRuffinYo!


(30) Awwwwww Mama Sharon #:(

Next Ep: Phaedra silently wills Apollo to disappear into thin air, Kenya gets into with some woman over some man, Nene is loud on somebody’s show #TheEnd

WWHL: Just so this is clear Porsha named her new boobs “Coco & Chanel” #AlrightyThen


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