RHOA Reunion Show (Part 1) – “Porsha vs Kenya” #MiniRecap

(1) Three parts? REALLY?? This was already the LONGEST season ever and we still can’t escape it.

(2) They do all look good

(3) However I certainly would have not said that Nene does not look “svelte” especially in THAT dress #AndyPlease

(4) Queens get knocked off their thrones Kenya #AsYouWillSoonSee

(5) Not mad re Porsha’s “twins”

(6) Phaedra shut down that federal indictment convo real quick

(7) I didn’t need the twerking sequence however the comments Andy read were ridiculous but I guess that goes w/ the territory of a Reunion Show right? Btw, I do NOT like Reunion Shows.

(8) (Is Phaedra secretly attracted to Porsha? #IKnowMessy) ;-)

(9) I do like Todd and Kandi, I hope they work out #BestWishes

(10) Tyler Perry… #Sigh

(11) Kandi talking about Nene working for being problematic #True

(12) Nene “I turn jobs down all the time” (I rolled my eyes at the exact time Kandi did)

(13) Translation for Kandi: “there WILL be a pre-nup” #DontSleep

(14) Forgot about Phaedra’s “escapee from whore island” line #ThatWasFUNNY!

(15) I didn’t think it was possible for me to like Nene any less and yet… #SheIsAHypocrite

(16) Also I don’t like Andy #ThatIsAll

(17) Kandi & Nene and the great Sandwich Kerfuffle #ChickFilAYo

(18) Sidebar: the facial expressions were GRADE A!! #ShadeEverywhere

(19) If Velvet changed you for the better then…

(20) Kenya is SUCH a drama Queen #Booooooo

(21) Kenya has a LOT of damn nerve talking about somebody going below the belt.

(22) No it won’t be Phaedra wrapping that damn scepter around your neck…

(23) “It’s just very clear there is no African Prince for you” #Hilarious

(24) I’m glad Porsha threw the scepter and it could have ended there BUT… #BullHorn

(25) So when Kenya comes out with the bull horn can’t we all agree that she is WAAAAAAAAY over the top??

(26) Andy “ok we’re not doing that right now” translation “it’s too early in the show for you guys to fight” #InstigatingAss

(27) Y’all see how Nene handled Kenya trying to over talk her right? AND Kenya shut her a*s up didn’t she?? It is worth nothing how she didn’t use the bull horn on her right???? #SheKnowBetter

(28) Nene’s imitation of Kenya’s “man” #DeadWrongButIDidCrackASmile

(29) Kenya’s speech about “karma” #Puuuuuuulease

(30) “Rental boyfriend Walter” #HeeHee

(31) Kenya IS a villain

(32) “You are a slut from the 90s”#IHollered

(33) “You are a dumb ho” #SetItOff


(35) Poor Cynthia, breast all popping out of her dress in the melee

(36) Phaedra “that’s why I didn’t want to be in that seat” / “She always doing stuff, she gon’ get her teeth knocked out” #Truth

(37) I just might dislike Andy the most of all, well maybe as much as I dislike Kenya #IDespiseThemEqually

In Conclusion:

(a) First I know I am NOT supposed to be gleeful about any of this – grown bougie black women on tv fighting – what could be worse right?? HOWEVER I am not going to sit here and front like that calculating heffa didn’t have it coming and that I was secretly pleased she got it. SHE LITERALLY GOT DRAGGED!

(b) Kenya deliberately provoked Porsha. Kenya runs a mean mind game and let’s be honest here Porsha is a weaker opponent in that arena and THAT is why I thoroughly despise Kenya. Pick a worthy opponent and I might have some grudging respect for you.

(c) PLEASE NOTE: My understanding is that although Kenya did call 911 THAT night she waited TWO WEEKS before she pressed charges, i.e., the week right before the episode w/ the fight aired. Tell me she’s not a calculating treacherous trifling snake!

#RHOA #ReunionShow

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