Scandal (S4, E5) – “Key” #Recap!

(1) “#CaptainCocaine - Are Kubiak’s Thug Cops Muscle For Drug Lords?” Seriously these are #Huffpo headlines right? #NYPost? #Jokes

(2) It IS weird for Liv to be at a stake out. #Slumming as Quinn noted. “Don’t you have a ball to go to?” #Lol! Also yeah Liv, what gives?? I need a slamming ball gown b4 the first half of the season ends #JustSayingYo #FashionMeUp!

(3) Liv: “I’m Gladiating” #TeeHee

(4) Huck done “borrowed” the parabolic mic to go visit his family – nuthin’ good gon’ come from this… #IKnowsIt!


(6) But seriously doesn’t Quinn carry a gun on her?? She couldn’t have fired back on ole boy???? (Confession, I may have seen #SetItOff a few too many times…)

(7) LOVE that Huck tried to provide a very real answer to Liv’s CLEARLY rhetorical question. He was just tryn’ to help, that’s all. Y’all see that look on his face? #PoorHuck

(8) Re Mellie: “Respectfully sir, she’s prob drunk and in a food coma from too much fried chicken” HOT DAMN CY! ALWAYS keeping it straight up one hundred! Also #LMAO!

(9) I just keep wanting to yell at Fitz “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”!! #WhereIsJack Nicholson???

(10) “A less Constitutional kind of encouragement” – have #NancyGrace interrogate him? ‘Cause that’s GOT to be the most TORTUROUS thing EVER! #Shudders

(11) Fitz: “We do this by the book” – LEAST we not forget oh now upstanding Pres YOU murdered a supreme court justice… #Ahem!

(12) Sidebar: WHERE IS CY’S BLACK BABY??? #ShouldWeBeWorried??

(13) #PapaPope is THE SHAAAAAAAAAADIEST MOFO in ALL of TV Land right now! #SHADE #DEE!

(14) Talking ’bout “rare birds and wine” HA! #YallAintNormal!

(15) Liv: “It’s not cheap, it’s just not snobby” #2BuckChuck? ;-)

(16) #PapaPope just said “things seemed fine at dinner” #ICanNot!!

(17) “Sometimes you have to let a young lion roam free”?? Really Eli??

(18) GO WITH YOUR GUT GIRL!!! YOUR GUT!! #CantTrustYourPapa!

(19) Oooooo look, another black man on #Scandal! He ain’t gon’ last long… #Bill #Jokes

(20) Was Jake this skinny last season? He just seems extra skinny (and horny) this season.

(21) Jake just sent Bill flying with his foot while handcuffed to a chair thinking of Liv’s beach body #LivIsAPowerSourceYall

(22) Ahhhh there she is! Mellie and her Uggs and that robe and what is that “Fiddle Faddle”? #LOVE #HER!

(23) “Drunk Mellie AND Smelly Mellie”!! WHOOO-HOOOO!!! #ATwoFer! #Score!!! Was she reading a magazine called “Drink”????? #Props!

(24) Q. What kind of “Boss” am I if my “Employee” gets to say to me “how many times have I told you not to ask me about my work boss”?  #ThatsAProblem

(25) Wrong answer Jeremy, WRONG. ANSWER! And yet Liv says “enjoy your fruit” HA!!! (Also: Liv’s coat, bag and gloves #YAAAASSSSSSSS!!!)

(26) Drunk David is annoying, I prefer Drunk (and Smelly) Mellie. She’s ENTERTAINING!

(27) Seriously Liv? How many days have passed since you last heard from Jake?? Woman you know better!! GO. WITH. YOUR. GUT. LIV! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON???? #ARGH!!!

(28) Awwww Huck’s former life. His wife told him to “get gone” – that’s gotta sting. #HuckNeedsAHug

(29) Yes Huck’s wife, super spies are real! Why she no believe him?? U know what never mind, don’t answer that. (*clears throat, next scene)

(30) Jake #Cowbell

(31) Like you wouldn’t call her if Mellie was missing. Wounded Fitz is annoying me! #Ugh

(32) Abby picks another fine time to take a stand (to be an a*s) #Sigh

(33) I tole y’all “Bye Bill” #GameOverForYou

(34) This “eat/singing” scene b/t Fitz and Jake is super super weird #Hmmm

(35) Yep Jake, Fitz knows you had your hands where they didn’t belong and yet he IS married #Selfish

(35) This scene b/t Jake & Fitz is sooo not working for me. Now that #PapaPope scene where he kept calling Fitz “boy” now THAT was a moment! #Outstanding!!

(36) I kinda really don’t like Fitz any more, like at all. #Hmpf

(37) Wife of Huck: “How many times have I told you to stop stalking us!” / Huck: “Sorry” #ThatWasFunny

(38) Mellie. Uggs. Robe. What is that Hagen Daz?? #PeppermintBark?

(39) Lauren to Mellie: “I can read ma’am” #GoodAnswer

(40) Golly re Quinn’s visit to the morgue. Well I guess given her somewhat recently acquired skill set… #KanyeShrug

(41) I want a tricked out game console from Huck! Well maybe a tricked out laptop.

(42) Wrong move Wife of Huck, wrong move. You should NEVER lie to Huck, not ever never ever ever #TskTsk

(43) Cy to Liv: “Your boyfriend, I’m sorry, you’re other boyfriend” #SuchAnAss!

(44) Okay both Cy and Liv can’t believe that ANYTHING Rowan/Eli/PapaPope says/does is believable!

(45) Rowan: “Yeah I did some fcked up ish but killing Harrison was not one of them” #LIE!! (Well I mean technically Shonda ordered the Harrison hit soooo….)


(47) Huck didn’t flinch when Quinn touched him in a non creepy Quinn/Huck sex way #ProgressInPain?

(48) All convos lead to Olivia Pope don’t they? Fitz/Jake, Fitz/Mellie, Cy/Fitz, Abby/David #ShePutASpellOnYall

(49) Mellie to Fitz: “Such a monument, such an idea, such a king, such a HOLY FATHER for the people to pray to!!!!” YAAAASSSSSSS!!!!! SHE EXECUTED THOSE LINES LIKE A BOSS!

(50) Ooooooo #Mellie is alllllll the waaaaay gone y’all! ALL. THE. WAY! Jerry’s death was meaningful? A Soldier?? Everyone in the Grant family makes sacrifices huh Mellie? #Woooooow

(51) David: “I’ve killed someone” So what??!! Who hasn’t at this point??? DON’T U DARE PUT THIS ON LIV!! YOU MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN CHOICES! #TheNerve!

(52) And that is correct, y’all Mofos are NOT Olivia Pope! DEAL. WITH. IT!

(53) Abby showing up on Liv’s doorstep talking about a broken David #GirlBye

(54) Aiiiiiight Mellie when you wake in the morning boo I SEE YOU!! Bye bye Smelly Mellie!!! Time for a #LovelyDay with #BillWithers

(55) FITZ MOLLYWHOPPED JAKE BECAUSE OF LIV! (And kinda sorta Jerry) #ALovelyDayForFitz

(56) I told y’all just thinking of Liv is keeping Jake alive – SHE GOT THAT THANG Y’ALL!

(57) Next Ep: Abby goes for Fitz

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Scandal (S4, E4) – “Like Father, Like Daughter” #Recap!

(1) Yeeaaaah Jake #PapaPope ain’t playing witcha is he???? Yo a*s almost got blown to smithereens #RedLightMeansBombYo

(2) Jake: “Sure I’ll wait to tell you your father tried to have me killed tonight” #NoRush

(3) Call Cyrus’ other cell, the one marked #Black! THAT’S DEEP Y’ALL! (*snickers)

(4) Cy over there getting TURNED ALL THE WAY OUT!!! Come on Maaaaan!! Run a background check on him already! WHAT IS HIS LAST NAME?? #Smdh

(5) Huck shutting down e’rybody’s phone #DayumYo! #ThisEpIsSponsoredByTheNSA

(6) Prince’s “Controversy” YES!! #SoundtrackWin!!!

(7) Got Liv climbing out of a window, going up a fire escape and hopping into a copter #FavorCompleteHeffa!

(8) Drunk President’s daughter, Liv to the rescue! #ItsHandled

(9) Ooooh wait, guess the problem isn’t handled… #TroubleInParis

(10) “I do not care if you have to take America to DefCon1!!” #WakeHim!

(11) Yeeeaaaaaah Fitz’s daughter in a sex tape now THAT is a problem! She needs her a*s beat!! Where you at Mellie??!

(12) Wait, that is NOT the same daughter from last season! Y’all ain’t slick, I pay attention. I’M A GLADIATOR! #Hmpf!

(13) Ooooo Fitz was about to put hands on that hussy #CPS!

(14) “Every girl is someone’s daughter” HELLO!!!! SPEAK ON IT LIV!!

(15) #Abby called #Huck & #Quinn “a Zombie army of two” (*giggles)

(16) OMG! Cy just read the ish outta Abby: “Jealously makes you feel small / You are not Olivia / You will never be Olivia / And hating Olivia for your own shortcomings will not change that fact” #SoliderOn! OUCH!!!

(17) Mellie and those damn Uggs, what is that crunch n munch? #JustEating!

(18) Not Diana’s “I’m coming out” #Hiiiiiiiii-larious!

(19) Can we digest for a moment that they are looking at a bulletin board full of guys and she still can’t remember who she had sex with… Sigh #BlondeHairMaybe?  #SwagAPalooza

(20) “Bring me the head of John The Baptist!” #PapaPope

(21) “Disappointment” to “Frustration” to “Resentment” to “Anger” to “Rage” to “Indifference” = BIG TROUBLE!

(22) Papa Pope: “Don’t make me forget that you are one of my favorites Tom” #YesThatsAThreat

(23) Ooooo Fitz just tried to call Liv out: “Running away isn’t a good look either Ma” #Whatever!!

(24) Wait he REALLY doesn’t know Jake was with her?????? WOW! But for real he don’t know???? All alone, HA! #NOT!

(25) Yeeaaah David your hands ain’t clean buddy #OutOutDamnedSpot!

(26) Awwwwww SH*T! David is ALL IN the bubble now! Talking ’bout we can’t bring down the Republic and not giving up the files. Jake ain’t tryin to hear that tho! #FckYoMorality Cue #Chokehold

(27) O! M! G! Liv’s about-face. Mellie’s run. Those UGGS! That ROBE!! “OLIVIA!” Mellie’s grip. Liv’s look #Priceless

(28) Cy: “You got some new boots Mellie? New color?” Hahahahahahaha!! #DEAD!

(29) Not “Smelly Mellie” #OhMy… He also mentioned “Drunk Mellie”, “Crybaby Mellie”, “Gives no F*cks Mellie” and “Eats a lot Mellie” #Golly

(30) Umm Fitz they are not called “booties” they are called Uggs. After all this time I would expect you to know this information.

(31) Ooooooooo Mellie came back HARD on Fitz: “takes after her Daddy” #Lawd!

(32) Quinn went HAM on Bobby! Nothing like getting hemmed up out back by the dumpster to shake a mofo up a bit. #StartSnitching!

(33) The look Huck gave Liv when she was leaving Jake that voicemail msg, like “for real, you still doing that?” #Classic

(34) Yeah I like to order take out as well Liv. You are not alone. #Ahem…

(35) Damn near the worst parents EVER, just TRIFLING! #2.5Million

(36) Wait was that just a dig at reality tv?? “No better than a reality star – the lowest form of life.” Well dayum Shonda, tell us how you really feel! #FunnyTho

(37) Why are Liv/Fitz still so hot as a couple tho?? Regardless NO! I want her to have someone else. No Liv! NO!! RUN!!

(38) Whelp, now he knows… #JakeKeptHittingThat But seriously he REALLY didn’t notice they were both gone at the. same. damn. time?? #TskTsk

(39) Liv is back y’all!! ”I’M THE BEST!” #BowDown!!

(40) ‘Preciate Mellie getting it together to talk to her daughter. WHEW! Now go take a shower and slip on a pair of Manolos or Louboutins – ANYTHING BUT THE UGGS!

(41) Ooooooo is Fitz gonna take Tom out all by himself???? I wanna see that! ADIOS TOM! #ShadyShadyBastard!

(42) Jake u shoulda tackled Fitz! Yelled out “PAPA POPE ORDERED TOM TO KILL YOUR SON!” Something!!!

(43) Too late Tom… #RowanRolledThrough it’s over now.

(44) Papa Pope/Rowan/Eli (so many names!) is NOT PLAYING!


Next ep: Fitz on some “Good bye Olivia” Puuuuleasse! Liv – I just saved your damn daughter AND you got to keep your 2.5M, I think you just might might OWE me!


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