‘Scandal’ Recap (S4:E20): “First Lady Sings The Blues” or “I Need A Break Shonda, I Have To Put Our Relationship On Hold” #YouPlayTooMuch


(1) I am NOT ready for a spread-eagle Jake Shonda. #NOT #READY!

(2) This is NOT how Quinn discovers Jake’s body! NO! NO! NO! Just causally walking into the office, picking up the mail, turning on lights, reading headlines, making coffee and then… #BloodyJake

(3) Quinn talking about “He’s dead. This is a present from Liv’s father” meanwhile Huck is like “hmm no major organs, body still warm, gimme a sec – THUMP!” #AndViola #JakeLives!


(4) First, I’m glad Huck was there, knowing about some “warm enough” and second, I can’t play with Shonda any more. We are no longer friends. #ShePlayTooMuch

(5) Of course David rolls in talking about calling ambulances. Smh. He just NEVER gets it does he?? Like NEVAH! #OhDavid

(6) Where they take Jake? Rats?? And y’all relying on Charlie to come through with a doctor and supplies?? #AssassinsUnited

(7) Awwww look at Mellie the candidate! She looking powerful in that red suit! #GetItGirl! #WelcomeToVirginia #KissTheBaby!

(8) Hot Damn! There’s former VP Sally!! Coming for Mellie’s NECK! “Well, well, well. What is there to say other than ‘Bravo?’ Another fantastic performance by Mellie Grant. How insulting.” #TheLibertyReport

(9) They’ve been waiting over an hour for the doctor?? Is this the same incompetent ahole who couldn’t save Derek Shepard?? #GreysAnatomy #StillShook :(

(10) Doc Ilya re Jake: “Yeah, he is dying” #Sigh


(12) Damn Liv gotta make a deal with the Doctor to the Assassins to save Jake’s life. Love how Liv was like “but seriously you can’t just take some money??” / Doc: “Nah, B. I need a favor yo.” #HelpBlackSable

(13) “Scared man with glasses” best description of David Rosen EVER!

(14) “Black Sable” even has Huck SHOOK!  “I’ve worked with Russian spies. They’re all cold, dead inside because they have nothing to lose” – umm don’t you kinda go in and out of that persona as well Huck…? I mean I know you’ve got your family back but umm you still do that other “stuff” too #BulletCallingTheGunDangerous

(15) Wait. THIS is Black Sable?? GRANDMA MARY?? BAKING COOKIES??? #Pryaniki #LovelyHome

(16) Black Sable/Mary: “You don’t know NUTHIN’ bout ‘Russian poor’ – it’s next level honey.” She literally scoffed at “American poor” #Ha!

(17) Black Sable/Mary: “Looky here, I had an opportunity to get shoes and food. I had the eye of a sniper, could take cats out with my bare hands and all I had to do was become an American and kill ppl when they called” #SignedRightUp

(18) WOW Shonda brought Putin into this. Hitting the restart button. #WWIII??

(19) People don’t want Senators sleeping with Presidents. It’s almost funny given how dysfunctional the legislative branch is right now – sleeping with a President is the LEAST of the issues right now. #ObstructionistBastards!

(20) Mellie – let me take Sally, please let me take her!! #WWF!


(21) Re Mellie being “too close to the President” #DUH!

(22) Seriously no one checked about this? A possible legal issue with a person running for Senate while married to the President? #Google??

(23) David is a TERRIBLE liar! A bleeding sore throat?? #SeriouslyDude??

(24) “Mellie Grant’s run for Senate is legal because of misogyny” #ThanksFoundingFathers!

(25) Does David REALLY think a grand jury hearing is STILL going forward?? He can NOT be that NAIVE! I need him to take a good LONG look at Jake right now and then just STOP talking. #Smdh

(26) #SoundTrackWin!! James Brown – “Get Up Offa That Thing!” #DanceTillYouFeelBetter!

(27) KIMRIE!! I mean “Ashley” getting the facts straight! “Gotta be 30 yrs old, have to be a citizen of the US for 9 yrs and a resident of the State you’re going to represent” #SenatorQualifications


(28) Umm so why come Liv ain’t got no alias for Huck in her phone??? #ComeOnGirl! #SevenFiftyTwo?? ;-)

(29) Russell is not good at his job and he is about to die. He said: “Ballard has been eliminated” and Eli responds with: “Untrue, False, a figment of your imagination.” Basically it didn’t happen cuz and you know how I know? ‘Cause I haven’t heard from a frantic daughter promising “white-hot vengeance”. Nope, all I have is radio silence #FixIt!

(30) RUSSELL! Calling Liv acting like he’s legit. UGH! ASSHOLE!! CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO DIE! Is she NOT on to him yet?? Does he normally call in the middle of the day?? #HeGottaGo! #ShadySOB

(31) This Russian butcher of Seville is like “Girl bye” to Liv #TraitorsDie


(32) He just called Huck a mutt. Ohhh that’s a no no #DeathSentenceYo

(33) Ummm Black Sable has gone soft y’all. Buck up Ma! #AssassinsGottaRepresent!

(34) Cyrus over there chuckling to himself re Mellie’s already dead in the water Senate campaign and then Abby and Fitz were like “so umm we need you to go on the air with Sally.” Cy’s reaction: “Y’all crazy as hell” #YouveGotToBeKidding

(35) Papa Pope sitting up in the Harvard Club shooting mofos with a silencer while casually sipping dark liquor and then hands Russell a hankerchief like it’s just allergy season. That man is diabolical but dammit he is sooooo good at it! #InAwe


(36) Cy: “I ain’t gonna do it!” / Fitz: “GET ON BOARD CY!” / #CySighs

(37) Former VP Sally calling Cyrus her “Dear Friend” – HIIIIILARIOUS! Cy’s sh*t eating grin – also hilarious. Wait, didn’t Mellie help that heffa out as well when she killed HER husband?? Sally’s memory is suspect #ButIAintForgot

(38) HA!! Cyrus threw that quitting her job as VP right in her face. #Vows #Oath #BS

(39) “Women should get paid in fried chicken now? Are you being paid in fried chicken to host this show?” #PRICELESS!!

(40) Interesting tactic Sally is taking talking about she can see it in Cyrus’ eyes that HE wants to run for Senate but I don’t actually think Cyrus wants to do that. Cy would prefer to just be President #ALaFrankUnderwood

(41) Cy dropped Daniel Douglas’ name and Sally was like “and that’s all we have time for today” #CUT!

(42) Umm so did Liv & Huck just figure out that Russell is suspect or nah??? Also, Russell STAY getting drugged! #DruggingHimAintEnough

(43) Ummm so she/they did figure it out right?? She just gave the Russian Butcher Spy Russell’s phone right?? Or was that her phone??? I’m half lost. On another note, Liv just put out an official hit on her Dad. I mean it’s TOTALLY warranted and she did try to kill him herself but still… #ThisShowIsCray!

(44) WTF IS JAKE RIGHT NEXT TO THAT AHOLE AND NO ONE ELSE IS AROUND?? Soooooo they don’t know ’bout Russell??? WTH IS GOING ON?? #SHONDA??

(45) And then Russell just goes back to lying there like “oh don’t mind me, I’m just trying to heal” #Boooooooo!

(46) Quinn called him Dr. Zhivago #Funny!

(47) Ooooooh Liv gave the Russian Butcher (Kostya) HER phone. She did crush Russell’s phone didn’t she?? There’s too much going on AND I’m still reeling from Grey’s Anatomy. D*MN YOU SHONDA!!! #ICantTakeIt!

(48) Wait, so Fitz might FINALLY get the divorce he wants?? To save Mellie’s Senate campaign?? How crazy would that be?? Also, Mels dear you have been lying to the American public re your relationship with your husband from like day one honey #DayOne

(49) Liv to Fitz: “What do you want?” Left unsaid “Ish is VERY bad right now” #VeryBad

(50) Also Liv just can’t resist problem solving can she?? “Look Mellie’s quest is a CLEAR conflict of interest so use it to your advantage. You good now? Bet, ’cause I gotta go.” #SaveJake!

(51) There ain’t that much sleeping in the world in a rat infested warehouse lying on some makeshift table nursing a bullet wound #Russell

(52) Too late for that island talk now Liv – GET IT TOGETHER GIRL!


(54) Oh so we back to killing kids again Shonda? WORD??? First Derek Shepard now CHILDREN?? AGAIN???

(55) Then Papa Pope just called her and in a tone of voice that could have been asking about the weather he was like “I done tole you about me girl” #YouGoneLearnToday


(55.1) But seriously Liv has to cease sleeping on her father tho. He is a MONSTER LIV! Know this! Make it your mantra but remember he is a BRILLIANT monster! #Truly

(56) Russian Doc: “My friend is dead so good luck with yours” #Deuces

(57) One day I pray David will get it. One day. This fool is STILL talking about going forward with the grand jury hearing. Liv: “let me explain it to you another way – No.”

(58) Charlie “Quinn was in B613 for like 5 mins, she barely qualified for the health plan” #LMAO!!


(59) SERIOUSLY Russell just lurking all up in the mix like he’s OPA is KILLING ME! #ARGH!!!! YOU ARE NOT THE NEW HARRISON! #GoAway!

(60) Mellie over here channeling Sarah Palin talking about “those media types in NY” – a chill just ran through my body #Ugh

(61) Cy The Hater #AllFrownedUp. Social media note, via twitter Jeff Perry mentioned that his daughter said Cyrus was being a “negative nancy” #Truuuuuu!

(62) Rowan/Eli/Papa Pope: “It irritates me to know that Jake is still breathing” #WhatIsFoxtail?

(63) AND another #SoundtrackWin!! Otis Redding: “I’ve been loving you too long” #YES!!

(64) THAT’S RIGHT GANGSTA LIV!!! THAT WAS THE DOPEST SHOT OF LIV I’VE EVER SEEN!! Hair is tight! The La Perla set is fly and a gak pointed at that shady ahole’s temple! #RockAByeBabyBaby!

Q. So why did Huck drug Russell?? Just to make it easier to cart him away??? You know what? #NeverMind…

COMING UP:  Liv vs The Navy, Spy vs Spy, Pope vs Pope. BETTA CALL MAMA POPE!

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‘Scandal’ Recap (S4:E19) – “I’m Just A Bill” or “Excuse My Tears, A Very Bad Thing Happened This Episode” #ISad


(1) Papa Pope in there pouring red wine like it’s just a regular Sunday evening meet up – “so how was YOUR week darling daughter?” #Diabolical

(2) SEE! Talking about “you look good Olivia, but looks can be deceiving.”#EVIL!

(3) “You got a few more locks. That’s good. You can never be too careful” / “I have a problem and since you’re a fixer I came to you.” #SATAN!

(4) So then he goes to his favorite tactic, threatening Fitz, BUT WAIT! Liv has different thoughts now. Eli/Rowan/Papa Pope BROUGHT UP FREUD! He was like ‘so let me get this straight you finally realized that “no matter how WHITE the Knight” all men are just like me” #DAYUM!!!

(5) I had to just type out the ENTIRE quote:

“You are a WARRIOR. Never reckless, never naive. too smart to let fear drive you. Precise, quiet, calculating, you will wait for the right time. you’ll look at all the possible outcomes. You’ll understand what needs to be done. you will pick a side and then you will handle this situtation in the manner we both know it needs to be handled. you will burn it down and never look back.” #TheyDontKnowYou #NeedKindling? #ForYourFire?


(6) Papa Pope: Tree might be poison but it still bore fruit boo! And thanks for the wine dear – “excellent, as always” #SoSoWrong!

(7) He drugged Russell??? HE DRUGGED RUSSELL?? I mean FRANKLIN? I mean Brian White??? Awwwww poor boo!

(8) Liv’s pretend drunk act was clever (and cute) but I still think Russell is shady. This isn’t going to be that simple. Where is Liv’s gun? #CantTrustIt

(9) This crew sitting in David’s office. David talking about grand juries again. Indictments and whatnot. #SoSoNaive

(10) Liv: “If that’s what it takes to take down my Dad” #ByeFitz

(11) So Fitz is actually going through with this Brandon Bill? How about that? #OnlyOnTV


(12) Cyrus over here gleefully talking about Republicans getting the black vote HA! Again #OnlyOnTV (Cause really they HATE us). Last time that happened there were still people alive who remembered when Lincoln was President #FormerSlaves

(13) Ohhhhhh look! Marcus is running for the Mayor of D.C.!! #LocalActivistTurnedPolitician! #SoundsFamiliar… ;-)

(14) Oh sh*t Marcus! Word??!! You and the current mayor’s wife?? WTF??? And just like that my happiness in your return to the show has turned to shat #Boooooo!


(15) NOTE: Executive Producer Shonda Rhimes / Written By Raamla Mohamed / Directed By Debbie Allen #MyFavoriteTrifecta!

(16) So this affair was REALLY going down?? Marcus is INSANE! WHO DOES THAT??? Sidebar: the Mayor’s wife kinda looks like if Mellie and Abby had a baby together. I know I know I heard it. #IJS

(17) Quinn: “Goodbye, homicidal burglary. Hello, missing person” / Huck: “And this never happened. You were never here” #OptionB

(18) Baby Rogers came early, messing up the vote but yaaaaay baby! #CantHelpMyself #BlameMyOvaries

(19) I simultaneously despise and have nothing but the utmost respect for that word #Onomatopoeia

(20) VP Susan: “I need to read that bill” / Cyrus: “Say what now?” #1200Pages

(21) Umm what Huck and Quinn are doing is GRIMY, GROSS AND GODAWFUL! “I’m your Boogie Man” is right! #ClassicFluffAndFold


(22) Umm Marcus I know dealing with OPA is still a little new for you but one word of advice – you need to nix that incredulous just a touch “judgey” tone in your voice. As Liv said “I know this is hard for you, prison is harder” #TRUE

(23) Re you being a “hypocrite” well now that YOU’VE brought it up… Liv might not say it but I can and will #Yep But just so we’re clear it’s not the white woman part, honestly whateves on that, it’s the fact SHE WAS THE MAYOR’S WIFE!! #YouStupidYo

(24) Liv to Marcus: “Don’t flatter yourself playa, cleaning up this particular mess is just Tuesday for me” #Yawn

(25) This heffa really just slogged through a 1200 page bill, talking about “I don’t get page 337″ AND she got hella stickies #SheAintPlaying!

(26) Cyrus is either going to have an aneurysm or choke VP Susan #Page544

(27) Ha! Cyrus went and got David! Good look with that – over here comparing this woman to a pigeon #Comedy!

(28) That missing wife situation is going to guarantee the incumbent Mayor a win. Am I thinking too much like a strategist? #TooMuchLikeCyrus? ;-)

(29) Awww Jake “I’m here. You can call on me” #MyHeart #ItMelts


(30) WOOOOOOW! Watching Liv straight chin check the police captain like that, in the middle of the station, in light of what continues to go on in our neighborhoods in real life is both exhilarating AND terrifying. This is happening on TV and yet I still went to “OMG they are going to kill her” #PoliceState

(31) WAIT! WTF was that look about??? DID MARCUS SET THIS WHOLE THING UP?? Or is he just impressed?? SHONDA I NEED ANSWERS! Lemme find out he shady too!  #GoneBeTrouble!!

(32) Ahhh yes, a hacking occurred via the Mayor’s office. Whew, “Mickey” NOT Marcus did it #ICanBreatheAgain

(33) David to VP Susan: “So you really didn’t go to law school, not even audit a class or four??” (Also Imma need David to be able to pick up who Casey is/was from context clues) #ComeNow

(34) Watching Jake, David and Liv sitting in David’s office… I can’t shake the feeling – somebody’s gonna die… #Remington

(35) Wow Jake said it out loud – “Fitz obeyed the order to shoot down a civilian plane.” Is David FINALLY going to let this go? Are THEY all going to let his go? #Naaaah

(36) Liv sleepwalking away from David’s office. There’s that damn shaky hand again! Sidebar: LOVING THAT COAT AND BAG!!! #YAAAAASSSSS!


(37) She called Russell/Franklin. Hmmm, why is he talking like he’s NOT shady? “You sexy and all but I’m looking for something more stable” #SideEye

(38) Why is this “sexy” scene with Russell so weird to me? Like I am soooo uncomfortable watching this right now. I’m pretty sure it’s because I know in my heart that mofo is NOT to be trusted and I’m kinda aggravated with her for not thinking the same way. Come on Liv! #ThinkAboutIt!!!

(39) This woman… VP Susan has held up the vote and is now ordering dinner. To Mellie “you hungry?” #LMAO!

(40) Why is Marcus still struggling to understand how this works?? “Justice or your career” partner – “indignant” is not an option. #Choose!

(41) Liv handing out dossiers to the Mayor AND Marcus is EXCELLENT! This is when I get the biggest kick out of her job #InstructingFolks!! #ItsHandled

(42) CLINTON LEWIS!! I see you! Looking all security like! #GoodJob!!


(43) Awwwww hell! Marcus paused too long and started talking about “justice”, what’s “right” and quoting Dr. King. Oh no… Don’t do ANY THING CRAZY MARCUS!! #TooLate

(44) Marcus: “Yep I’m a sinner but he’s like a murderer soooo yeah that’s like waaaay worse” #ThisIsALie!

(45) Look at Fitz being all Presidential and VP Susan pushing back “I done tole you ’bout me, don’t act surprised now – sir.” Sigh. Why can’t he just get someone who rides with him? Like, no matter what?? Fine, make the bill better #DoGooders!

(46) “Mr. Beene” is going to have a stroke. Between VP Ross and now Mellie is officially running for the Senate. #HeMightNotMakeIt

(47) Wait a minute. So Marcus just filled the police in and there’s no issue with the wrongful disposal of the body??? Or did they just blame that on Mickey too??? #IHazQuestions

(48) Marcus talking about his activist and political careers are done – that man is trying to get a job Liv! Make him the new Harrison please! OPA needs more people yo #JustSaying

(49) Liv’s “you’re not done” speech to Marcus, she was talking to herself… “The time is always right to do right” #UnHuh


(50) Cue the beginning lyrics to Aretha Franklin’s rendition of “My Way“:

“And now the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
My friend I’ll say it clear
I’ll state my case of which I’m certain”


(51) Really Eli/Rowan? “So have you decided to take my case? Am I one of your clients now?” #TheDevil!

(52) Liv sounds real naive talking to her father right now about “justice is the point of the Republic” #Chile…

(53) “Finally you’ve become the woman I’ve always hoped you would be. Standing on your own two feet. No longer running after that man to shine his boots.” OUCH!! Papa Pope just be sticking and moving with those jabs to the gut! #BravoOlivia

(54) These fools over here toasting and talking about white hats and SOMEBODY IS ABOUT TO DIE!!! THE TENSION! I CAN’T TAKE IT!!!


(56) Cue taps. @1:01:13 Jake Ballard was stabbed and then repeatedly stabbed. I am sad and I don’t want to play any more :(

COMING UP: I don’t care right now. Jake’s dead, I need a minute…



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